CBC House Church Overview

Who hosts

A host is anyone who has a heart for reaching our city and our world with the message of Jesus and is passionate about the mission and vision of CBC!

What hosts do

Hosts open their homes, apartments, or any other space and invite family, friends, or other acquaintances to participate in one of the weekly CBC messages together. Hosts love people, create a welcoming atmosphere, and join in on continued conversation and training with CBC pastors.

Where they host

Hosts can use any convenient space for people to gather. This can be a home, an apartment, a local park. In other words, literally anywhere that works for you.

When they host

On a day and time that works best for them and their people! We ask that it would be at least once a month, but they can host weekly, bi-weekly, etc

Why they host

They want to help people have real, genuine relationships with God and others.

How to become a host

1. Submit a completed CBC House Church Host Application and a Background Check authorization form.
2. Interview with a pastor or representative of CBC.
3. Participate in weekly host Zoom calls for continued training and conversation about your CBC house church.

Once the verified application process is completed and official approval has been given to the CBC House Church Host, they will be connected with additional hosting resources and be given information on the regular touchpoints via Zoom with CBC pastoral staff.