What is a CBC House Church?

CBC is a church for all people, everywhere. A CBC House Church is a small gathering of friends and neighbors who meet to participate in a worship service online, connect with God through music, and have conversations together. This can be done in a home or another available space around you.

How is CBC House Church different than a Community Group?

Community Groups are great opportunities to be in relationship with a group of people living in rhythm together. A CBC House Church is a group of people developing deep relationships, gathering together to participate in worship services online, and living in rhythm together. CBC House Churches are literally the church gathered together to be the church!

How is CBC House Church different from Online Church?

A CBC House Church is an intentional gathering of people weekly or bi-weekly to live on mission as a group committed to each other. Church online is great for those traveling, sick, or checking out CBC for the first time. We desire every person to be known in a house church and not settle for just watching weekly online.

Why are we doing CBC House Church?

We are called to share the Good News of Jesus in all of our city and with the whole world, and we want to help people have real, genuine relationships with God and others. In this season, we want to create opportunities for every person to be known by a community, actively a part of the church, and living on mission regardless of geography or regulations.

Is there CBC Kids for CBC House Church?

We will consistently provide content to empower each house church to serve and disciple kids in their home. Each house church will determine what that looks like on a regular basis. We invite you to be creative in serving the families who are a part of your house church.

What technology do I need to host a CBC House Church?

To best share the CBC House Church content, you’ll need either a laptop, Apple TV, Roku or smart TV with internet access to participate in worship via our online platform. If you don’t have access to this technology, but would otherwise be interested in hosting a CBC House Church, please email us at housechurch@cbc.email.

How do I become a House Church Host?

1. Submit a completed CBC House Church Host Application and a Background Check authorization form.
2. Interview with a pastor or representative of CBC.
3. Participate in weekly host Zoom calls for continued training and conversation about your CBC house church.

How do I tithe at a CBC House Church?

Most CBC House Church communities give by:
1) Going online to communitybible.com > click on the GIVE tab.
2) Texting the word ‘GIVE’ to 210-405-6055
3) Mail: Community Bible Church
Attn: Finance
2477 N. Loop 1604 E.
San Antonio, TX 78232